INTERNET OF THINGS Enterprise Internet of Things

Always keep abreast of your business operations and optimise them with secure Internet of Things solutions. Use IoT platforms with sensors and devices to monitor measurements in your operations and gather Big Data. Optimise your logistics with stock monitoring and the in-store experience with smart shelving. All the interconnected smart devices in an IoT system will constantly gather data in real time, providing you with timely insights that will propel the progress of your enterprise forward.

Enterprise Internet of Things

Monitor operations, Gather BigData

Use IoT devices and sensors to make real-time measurements on every step of your manufacturing process. Track your patients’ well-being around-the-clock with remote IoT monitoring. More so, IoT devices will gather Big Data and present you with insightful analytics, ensuring every employee makes informed decisions.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Data collection
  • Rich actionable analytics
  • Mobility management systems
  • IoT applications

Optimise operations

Employ an IoT platform to optimize your logistics and customer experience in retail. Use IoT sensors for accurate stock monitoring. Install smart shelves with digital price labelling and sensors in your stores. You will be able to constantly track item depletion, save time on changing prices, and monitor your customers’ behaviour and suspicious activity. Furthermore, you may leverage sensors and RFID tags in your in-store marketing to monitor customer behaviour and trigger ads when customers pick up products from shelves.

  • Real-time stock monitoring
  • Smart shelving
  • Sensors
  • RFID tags
  • IoT platforms
  • IoT applications

Ensure IoT security

Strong security is essential to the successful operation of your IoT initiatives. Safeguard your network with intrusion prevention and detection systems and traditional security means like endpoint protection. Secure your IoT devices with two-factor authentication, digital certificates, and biometrics. Strengthen the security further with cryptographic algorithms. Use cryptography and public key management systems for a reliable public key infrastructure.

  • Anti-intrusion systems
  • Endpoint and firewall protection
  • Diversified device protection
  • Crypto algorithms
  • Public crypto keys
  • Full PKI management

introduce pinpoint efficiency

IoT sensors will let you monitor the smallest measurements in your operations, drastically improving the overall business efficiency. Industrial IoT systems will help you detect the smallest pain points in the manufacturing process with many sensors. In agriculture, employ IoT sensors to monitor the soil to help farmers make timely irrigation decisions. Install IoT sensors on the property of your insurance clients to learn about unexpected events right away. Furthermore, deploy IoT sensors in delivery business to monitor engine health, emission level, as well as for proximity control.

  • IoT sensors
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Enterprise IoT platforms
  • Enterprise mobility management
  • Enterprise IoT applications
  • Rich actionable analytics