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Leverage our experience in Machine and Deep learning models development, Big Data, and Cloud technology to successfully build, deploy, and manage AI solutions in your industry.

Comprehensive Enterprise AI Solutions

Looking to embed Machine Intelligence in your business processes? That figures. AI, powered by various forms of Machine Learning, is becoming a cornerstone of innovation for many a company. Remosi’s AI solutions can help you tap into vast stores of unstructured and unutilized data, derive valuable insights from it and act upon them. They can transform fundamentally your approach to customer care and risk management, accelerate your digital transformation and, overall, improve the way your company uses technology. Let’s put your data to good use!

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML), when applied properly, can help resolve the most daunting business problems promptly, economically, and permanently. At Remosi, we build comprehensive AI-based solutions that rely heavily on ML and NLP and are ready-to-use in specific business contexts.

To realize ML’s potential a company needs intensive computational capabilities, vast storage, network and memory recourses, the right mix of software and drivers, and enough ML experts to put together and fine-tune a predictive analytics solution to suit perfectly the firm’s business needs. We’re here to help you access the power of ML.

Why choose Remosi’s AI & ML services

  • We have vast experience in building, training, and deploying Machine Learning algorithms at any scale
  • We employ specialists with unique and scarce ML-related skillsets; We’re well versed in Topological Data Analysis and know how to utilize its data decomposition to improve the accuracy of ML models
  • We’ve worked with most popular Machine Learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, Jupiter, Pytorch, Caffe, MXNet, etc.
  • We integrate ML tools with firms’ core applications, granting them unique capabilities, promptly and painlessly
  • We leverage AI and Machine Learning to address efficiently all the common use cases across various industries. These include personalized recommendations, fraud prevention, financial prediction modeling, document analysis, text transcription and so on