Need a solid software foundation for your business? Uncoordinated mobile apps and software stress out your employees and impede your productivity? Leverage our decade-long expertise in enterprise software development, API integration, modernising legacy systems, and consolidating app portfolios.

Enterprise software development services

Enterprise resource planning

A highly targeted, scalable ERP system, aligned perfectly with your core business processes, will help you unlock value across such functional areas as inventory control, customer service, business process management, finance and so on. Having a robust central data repository, which ensures data integrity across departments, your organization can better coordinate efforts and, as a result, cut down on bottom-line expenses.

Customer relationship management

We’ll help you automate mundane sales, customer service, marketing, and contact management processes and provide a customizable workspace for your employees to track and manage deals in with CRM integration. The system will consolidate clients’ data and offer rich analytical capabilities needed to draw actionable insights from it. Pick a deployment option you like: on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.

Supply chain management

Manufacturers, logistics providers, and distributors alike seek to drive efficiency and transparency throughout every link of their supply chains. However, this proves increasingly challenging in the multi-site and multi-national environments they operate in. Remosi builds all-encompassing SCM solutions that enable companies to monitor and manage everything from warehouse capacities to suppliers’ performance to their complex distribution networks and competition. We’ll help you attain the scale, agility, and level of innovation required to thrive in modern markets.

Business process management

Business processes at medium-sized and large corporations often grow overwhelmingly complex when data and processes are handed off between departments. Due to the lack of connectivity (and lack of software to support thereof) employees lose sight of where things are and duplicate one another’s efforts, which hinders firms’ efficiency. As a technical partner, we build and maintain robust architecture modeling/optimization software and integration tools for many a firm; we help managers enforce, optimize and monitor formalized workflows which translates into faster time-to-value and stronger business-IT collaboration.

Case management

The BPM software we engineer also addresses every facet of case management. It supports all user roles, from front-line agent to executive, and offers dynamic and highly customizable dashboards to allow employees to retrieve/analyze data and pass cases through to appropriate departments without undue delays.